This practice is registered with the Data Protection Agency and protects your personal data held here.

On your first visit to Somerset Podiatry Clinic we will ask you to provide us with personal information for example name, address and doctors details. This provides us with the information to form an initial assessment of you and allows us to devise a treatment plan for your needs. All details about your personal data, health and treatment will be securely held and only shared (if required) with other professionals directly involved with your care. This may include GPs, Nurses, Biomechanic experts and other health care professionals.  We may also need to take images or video recordings made for clinical purposes which will form part of your records.  They will only be used to aid clinical examination or evaluate treatment and will not be used in publications, training events, clinical audit or research unless you give us permission to do so.

Further consent will be required for procedures including verruca treatments, ultrasound therapy, acupuncture & nail surgery. This list is not exhaustive.

You have rights to choose what happens with your personal information. You have the right to access your personal data, change it or have it erased from our records if you no longer want us to have it and there is no reason for us to have it.

By being treated here at Somerset Podiatry Clinic you have agreed to have read, fully understood and agree to the content.