Athlete’s Foot is a common fungal infection of the skin, predominately affecting the web spaces of the toes which can lead to intense itching, redness, scaling, blistered, cracked or peeling areas of skin. Usually contracted in communal areas of swimming pools, showers and spending long periods of time in trainers. Once contaminated the warm, dark and sweaty environment of feet enclosed in shoes or trainers provides the ideal breeding ground for the fungus. It is highly contagious and if left untreated it can quickly spread to the toe nails causing thickening and yellowing of the nails which is much harder to treat, and also to other areas such as your scalp, hands and even your groin especially if you use the same towel for your feet as the rest of the body.

Sweaty feet or Hyperhidrosis is a condition where the body produces more perspiration than is normally required to cool the body. This can result in smelly feet and may be very embarrassing for the person concerned. It is more common in teenagers and pregnant women due to the hormone activity levels, however if you suffer from stress or anxiety or have the medical condition Hyperhidrosis you are more prone to suffer sweaty feet.

The podiatrist will guide you to the correct treatment which may consist of one or more of the following:


good foot hygiene

regularly changing hosiery and shoes

alternating footwear on different days

de-odorising insoles