Somerset Podiatry Clinic are proud to be offering an innovative and exciting laser treatment for fungal nail infections.

A Fungal nail infection (onychomycosis) is a stubborn, unsightly and infective disease of the nail. It can be thick, discoloured and uncomfortable when pressure is applied over the nail plate and infection may also spread to the skin. Sufferers of fungal nail infections often become embarrassed by their nails especially during the summer months when they wish to wear open toe shoes or sandals.

Until now onychomycosis has been extremely difficult to treat with the traditional paint on laquers, which are slow and sometimes take years to work and oral medications which have associated side effects.

As seen on “This Morning” with Dr Chris, the Lunula Laser is a revolutionary low-level laser treatment.


The Lunula Laser is safe, effective and painless with no harmful effects to healthy skin and nail. There is no anaesthetic or surgery required and no recovery period.

The laser uses two beams which pass over the foot and nail through to the nail bed without causing damage to either the nail or the surrounding skin. The laser beams kill the fungus and stimulates the blood supply and immune response which repair the tissue cells.


Healthy nail should start to show at the base of the nail and with the growth of the nail the infected nail will grow out. This could take several months as some nails take 12 – 18 months to fully regrow.


Packages are designed to treat all cases from minor involvement of one or two toes to severe cases where all nails are involved with no restriction on age or medical status.

Initial Consultation £40.00

At this consultation a thorough examination of the nails and surrounding skin will be undertaken to establish if there is a presence of fungus. A discussion of the treatment process, length of treatment plan and what to expect from the treatment will follow. If you wish your nails will be reduced in thickness and trimmed ready for the Laser treatment to be carried out. Clinical photographs with your consent are then taken to monitor the results throughout the process.

Package 1 – for mild to moderate infections

Each treatment consists of 1 x 12 minute cycle to each foot
We recommend an initial package of 4 Lunula Treatments (1 per week for 4 weeks)
5th treament at 3 months
6th Lunula Treatment at 6 months
Total cost for all 6 Treatments = £495.00

Package 2 – for moderate to severe infections

Each treatment consists of 1 x 12 minute cycle to each foot
We recommend an initial package of 8 Lunula Treatments (1 per week for 8 weeks)
9th LunulaTreatment at 3 months
10th Lunula Treatment at 6 months
Total cost for all 10 Treatments = £695.00

 Additional Laser Treatments will incur a charge of £50 per 1 x 12 minute Treatment

Please note that at each treatment one pair of your shoes will be sanitised in our Klenz® machine at no extra cost. The Klenz® machine has an incredibly strong antifungal, antibacterial & deodorising effect – heavily reducing the risk of infection, prolonging the life of the shoe and completely neutralising odour. Additional pairs of shoes can be treated for a small charge.



Comprehensive advice is provided on prevention of reinfection as fungal nail infections are caused by contact with fungi and therefore if care is not taken on maintaining levels of hygiene it can recur. You will receive an initial footcare pack which contains creams and sprays to help you manage and maintain your healthy feet. It is also recommended that a clean pair of socks are brought to each treatment.


We also stock a wide selection of products to help you maintain the health of the skin and nails on your feet.